Zehrudin Isakovic


Zehrudin Isakovic (Zenica, 1966) holds a Master’s degree in communication. He is a journalist by vocation and a mountain aficionado by orientation. He authored the popular series Peaks of the Balkans (AJB), a number of travel films about mountains around the world (Aconcagua, Mount Everest, Mediterranean Necklace), and various publications (hiking and tourist maps).

He has been a hiker practically from when he was born, when his grandfather Becir put him in a hiking carrier and took him to the mountains. It was love at first sight that has been going strong to this day…
As a young man, Isakovic climbed a number of Alpine trails (250), such as the northern rocks of Petit Dru, in the Mont Blanc massif (aged 17), which was his life-time adventure. He has visited most of the world’s mountains – from the Andes to the Himalayas, including Mount Everest (2009) and Cho Oyu (2010).

However, he prefers the mountains of Southeast Europe, where he feels like home.

As a hiking activist, he has participated in implementation of large infrastructure projects, which included mapping new trails, ferratas and mountaineering facilities. He is currently the president of Terra Dinarica – the organization that designed, mapped and has, in cooperation with UNDP, USAID, AICS, maintained and developed Via Dinarica – a megatrail that runs from Slovenia to Albania.

Isakovic was the President of PSBiH (2014 – 2018) and is the winner of the Golden Sign for the development of mountaineering awarded by PSBiH. Still, he feels that his greatest achievement is the number of friends he has met during many years of hiking.

Everyone has their own path – Isakovic’s path leads to the mountains.
He belongs to those who have dedicated their lives to the mountains.

In his professional career as a journalist, Isakovic was the director of the Federal News Agencies (FENA) from 2002 to 2012, and he has collaborated with a number of domestic and regional media, such as Mladina, Vreme, Nacional, Valter, Ljiljan, Naši Dani, FTV, BHRT, TV SA, AJB, …