Maiann Suhner

maiann suhner portrait 2019

Born in 1985 in a village in the mountains of Appenzell in Switzerland, I got in touch with Bosnia and Hercegovina when I was 7 years old, when a family originary from the countryside of Tusla arrived to Walzenhausen. They lived during 5 years in the vacancy-apartment in our house, their two girls playing with us in the surroundings. It’s from Alma and Edisa that I learnt “Eci peci pec, ti si mali sec..”. I studied Biology in Neuchâtel, where I live and work now, as botanist and coordinator of a youth group for nature protection J+N Pro Natura. After a bicycle ride from Neuchâtel to Sarajevo in 2016 I stayed in Bosnia-Hercegovina during 2 months, learning a lot about the history, culture, people and landscapes of this beautiful country. Back home, I was sure this country will be of interest to people in Switzerland! In very good collaboration with my new Bosnian friends I organized several tours from Zagreb to Sarajevo, stopping in Bihac, national parc Una, Jajce, Sipovo, Travnik, on the topics of history, literature, traditions, ornithology and nature protection.