June 22, 2021

hybrid event

Hotel Hills Sarajevo / Online

Conference opening (live from Hotel Hills, Sarajevo)

10:00 – 10:20

60 second Q&A session

Miloš Lučić, Minister for Human Rights and Refugees of BiH

Daniel Hunn, Ambassador of Switzerland to BiH

Steliana Nedera, UNDP Resident Representative in BiH

Laura Lungarotti, Chief of Mission of IOM BiH and Regional Coordinator for the Western Balkans

Nikola Burić, diaspora representative, Switzerland (online)

10:20- 10:30

Conference announcement video

10:30- 10:50

Plenary speaker

Prof. Alessandra Priante, Director – Regional Department for Europe, UN World Tourism Organization (online) [presentation]
Impact of COVID-19 on Tourism

Q&A session

10:50- 11:50

Panel 1: Diaspora tourism as a development opportunity for BiH (hybrid event)

Kemo Sarač, Assistant Minister, Sector for Diaspora, Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees [presentation]
Presentation of the Report on the Role of Diaspora in Tourism Development in BiH

Mirza Hujić, Assistant Minister, Sector for Water Resources, Tourism and Environmental Protection, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH
Development of Tourism in BiH

Prof. dr. Anto Domazet, Faculty of Economics, University of Sarajevo
Sustainability of BiH relations with the Diaspora – Tourism as an opportunity

Šuhret Fazlić, Mayor of the City of Bihać (online)
The importance of Diaspora for the development of local tourism in Bihać

Anes Cerić, BH UK Network (online)
Diaspora’s interest to contribute to tourism development

Q&A session

11:50- 12:10

Igor Stefanović, Technical Coordinator at the Ethics, Culture and Social Responsibility Department, UN World Tourism Organization (online)
Harnessing Diaspora Potential for Tourism Development

12:10- 13:00

Panel 2 : Diaspora as investors and mediators in toursim sector (online)

Goga Sarić Prevljak, owner of the agency and apartments Herzegovina Lodges, Boračko jezero, Netherlands [presentation]
Diaspora investments and mediation in BiH tourism

Stojan Stevanović, hotel owner – BIH (Lopare), Switzerland
Diaspora investments in BiH tourism

Hadis Medenčević, tourist broker, the Czech Republic [presentation]
Diaspora as a mediator in tourism

Nedžad Boškailo, owner of Kula Tourist Agency, Norway
Tourist Agencies in Receiving Countries

Q&A session


BREAK (Photo Slideshow)


Panel 3: Knowledge transfer and experience of diaspora experts in tourism sector (online)

Semir Tanović, Managing Director u Rockefeller Foundation, businessman, USA
Developing ecotourism in BiH and tourism promotion through focused ad campaigns

Mirsad Selimović i Ena Selimović, owners of Heartland Adventure Agency, Norway
Soft adventure tourism

Maiann Suhner, environmental protection expert, Floraneuch, Switzerland
Tourism and Environmental Protection in BiH

Q&A session


Panel 4: Tourist offer for diaspora (online)

Introduction: Video Mountains of BiH

Mirjana Radović, Head of the Sector for Development and Improvement, Presentation and Popularization, National Park Sutjeska

Thierry Joubert, Green Visions, mountain biking

Majid Porobić, director of Public Company Pannonica doo Tuzla

Sarah Devisme, Executive Director of the Association Alterural, rural tourism [presentation]


Q&A session


Supporting development of diaspora tourism/tourism projects in BiH (online)

Andrew Boegel, Economic Development Office Director, USAID Mission in BiH [presentation]

Božena Kaltak, Via Dinarica, UNDP [presentation]

Ermin Smajlović, EU4Business project [presentation]

Q&A session


Concluding remarks and conference closing (live from Hotel Hills, Sarajevo)

Kemo Sarač, Assistant Minister, Minister of Human Rights and Refugees of BiH